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Effective data: February 13, 2023

Article 1 (Basic Operation Policy)

a. This Operation Policy is a set of internal regulations to be collectively observed between NDREAM Co., Ltd. (“NDREAM”) and users in order to consistently manage contingencies concerning the provision of mobile services (“the Service”).
b. In accordance with this Operation Policy, NDREAM will devote itself to maintaining order and protecting the users’ rights for enjoyable gameplay by effectively addressing complaints and the regulation of all actions that may impact gameplay.
c. NDREAM may periodically amend this Operation Policy to promote optimal user experience. NDREAM will post relevant notices on the NDREAM website and/or the brand website of the respective game. Users should refer to official notices regarding any/all concerns regarding Service use.
d. If a user is found to engage in any action not in compliance with this Operation Policy, NDREAM may restrict the user’s right to access the NDREAM website or game services. All users are provided the opportunity to appeal any account action taken.
e. If you reside outside of the Republic of Korea, the terms of this agreement (the “Terms of Use”) govern the relationship between you and NDREAM Corporation and/or its affiliates ( “NDREAM,” “we,” or “us”) regarding your use of NDREAM‘s mobile games (“NDREAM Games”) and related services, including, without limitation, the use of NDREAM Games, participation in an online community for NDREAM Games or social network services offered via NDREAM branded websites (collectively, the “NDREAM Service”).
f. The laws of the State of California (without giving effect to its conflicts of law principles) govern all matters arising out of or relating to the NDREAM Policy, including, without limitation, its validity, interpretation, construction, performance, and enforcement.

Article 2 (Name Policy)

a. As used herein, “names” refers to names selected by users including nicknames or names of avatars, characters, units, or alliances used on a site or game.
b. Users may select names freely; however, NDREAM may exercise necessary measures if a name is found to be in violation of the following categories. This is to maintain an optimal game environment and protect users.
The aforementioned “necessary measures” include account suspension, name change, or content deletion in accordance with this Operation Policy with or without notification to the user.
※Even in the case where conventions do not correspond specifically to any of the following categories, a user may experience content or service restrictions if a name negatively impacts the game environment.
1. A name that may be confused with or impersonate the name of a NDREAM employee
2. A name that is considered intolerant to a specific country, race, religion, gender, or the physically and/or mentally impaired
3. A name that may sound lewd, vulgar, or unpleasant to others
4. A name that is anti-social or prohibited by law
5. A name that may infringe on a trademark or intellectual property rights
6. A name that promotes in-game illegal monetary or account transactions
7. A name advocating the insulting or slandering of others
8. A name that exists solely to expose the personal information of others
9. A name intended to advertise or promote a specific person, product or business
10. A name that is in affiliation with the details stated above with different characters in front/back or a changed order
11. A name considered inappropriate by NDREAM standards
c. It is strongly suggested that users report any name that they feel violates the terms provided. This promotes an enjoyable gameplay environment for all. NDREAM will apply name change principles as needed.

Article 3 (System Error, Bugs, and Illegal Programs)

a. Users shall not negatively manipulate a system error or bug incurred during gameplay and are required to report such instances immediately.
The act stated in the previous provision will be strictly dealt with, resulting in user restriction without warning, as such acts are considered to disrupt fair gameplay.

b. NDREAM may put restrictions on users engaging in any of the following acts:
1. Exploitative or intentional abuse of a systematic error (bug) within the game
2. Informing other users on how to exploit program bugs, design flaws and other abnormal ways to play the game
3. Attempt to gain benefit or disrupt fair gameplay by manipulating game data or game calendar/time
4. Development and distribution of 3rd party, hack, or illegal applications
5. Use of any 3rd party hack, program, or unapproved method, exploit, or bug within the game creating unintended game functionality
6. Manipulating data/resources within the game to create unintended game anomaly or bug
7. Refilling game cash through unconventional methods such as hacking or unauthorized payment
c. Users found to have repeatedly violated these terms (repeat offenders) will incur severe penalties

※ NDREAM may reconcile game currency, content, experience, or items created or obtained through illicit gameplay.

Article 4 (Users’ Rights and Obligations)

a. User rights
1. Users may make game-related inquiries, suggestions, or requests via the following: Homepage email-inquiry (support@NDREAM.com) or in-game customer support inquiry.
2. If a user suffers due to another user’s inflammatory or inappropriate behavior during the course of the gameplay, a report can be filed with Customer Support as per this policy.
3. Unfair treatment in any capacity can be reported to Customer Support.
4. NDREAM strives to provide a prompt and attentive response to user inquiries, suggestions, requests, or objections. However, response times will be directly affected by the number of inquiries in queue.
5. NDREAM may limit Service (in part or whole) due to any factors that may adversely impact game accessibility.

b. User obligations
Users shall observe the following:
1. Respect other users’ rights and strive to create healthy game environment.
2. Do not engage in any illegal activities.
3. Do not engage in coordinated actions with others for the purpose of committing slanderous, anti-social, or unlawful acts toward a specific nationality, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or the impaired.
4. Do not use illegal software or hardware that will adversely impact gameplay.
5. Do not engage in commercial advertising or promotions.
6. Do not use offensive, vulgar, obscene, or sexually explicit words.
7. Do not engage in any behavior (implied or otherwise) that may be offensive or lewd.
8. Observe and practice the behaviors necessary to keep your account information safe at all times.

Article 5 (Fraud and Unapproved Transactions)

a. Fraud
1. As used herein, “fraud” refers to an act of gaining unfair profit, by way of deception, even if using systems (such as chatting, currency transactions, mail, messages, gifts, etc.) within the game. These acts not only disrupt gameplay but create a detrimental game environment for both the users and the company. Any fraudulent acts deemed illegal is punishable by law. NDREAM will execute corrective action against any and all confirmed fraudulent activity implied or otherwise.

b. Cash transaction
1. All game data, including characters, items, and in-game currency are property of NDREAM as stated in the Terms of Use Agreement, and users have the sole right to use the respective content accordingly. Within exclusive parameters, users may buy, sell, or exchange items and in-game currency, etc. with other users as stated in the Terms of Use Agreement.
2. Illicit cash transactions used to purchase in-game currency and/or content by way of manipulation of system errors, bugs, or illegal programs are prohibited. Users engaging in such transactions or advertising the services associated with said transactions intended for benefit unrelated to gameplay, may be subject to service suspension.
3. The aforementioned transaction-related provisions apply to the exchange of both cash and non-cash transactions including in-game and tangible goods associated both with ours and any other games.
4. Full accountability for cash transactions shall lie with the end-user.

Article 6 (Inappropriate Behavior)

a. Games are meant to be enjoyed by all users. As mentioned previously, inappropriate behavior during gameplay is strictly prohibited.
b. NDREAM will continue to strive to block inappropriate posts or images from NDREAM sites, notice boards, and game-specific communities. Please report any such instances immediately to customer support.

Article 7 (Payment Cancellation)

a. If users verify that they have purchased from NDREAM in error, purchased virtual items or currency from NDREAM, you have the option to contact NDREAM Customer Support with a request for a refund. At NDREAM’s absolute discretion, a refund will be considered.
b. Where a user (is considered legally underage or a minor) has made payment without the consent of the custodial entity or legal guardian, the custodial entity or the legal guardian has the option to contact JOTCITY Customer Support to request a refund. However, the refund will be provided at NDREAM’s absolute discretion.

Article 8 (Service Use Prohibition)

a. Any game use and/or associated behavior that violates of any official terms, agreements, or policies provided by NDREAM will result in immediate action in order to ensure the protection of all NDREAM users. NDREAM may also prohibit such users from game access, chatting, the use of provided Services, game-related brand websites, the NDREAM website, and community page access based on the provisions outlined in the table below.Any corrective actions taken against an account will be determined on the following parameters, in-depth investigation, relevant facts, degree of situation, impact on the game, history of delinquency, etc. NDREAM will respond attentively to objections raised by all affected.

b. Guidelines regarding the corrective action of service use
Category Details Period of Service use prohibition
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Inappropriate behavior Libeling others (or alliances); using inappropriate language; making condescending remarks about others 1 days 3 days 7 days 15 days 30 days
Spamming or intentionally preventing other users from engaging in-game
Hinting or directly mentioning content sexual in nature, implied or otherwise
Libel, slander, or misinformation used with the intent to defame or demoralize
Any act intended to impede others’ gameplay
Stalking or exhibiting any specifically unwanted/unsolicited /unwarranted communication with other players
Intentionally making other players uncomfortable by expressing inflammatory or controversial messaging
Any action deemed provocative in nature or action by the company
Any remarks or libel regarding sexuality, creed, religion, nationality, ethnicity, and/or orientation 7 days 15 days 30 days Permanently banned from Service use
Any repeat offenses (at the sole discretion of NDREAM)
Using inappropriate avatar or in-game names or images Using a name in violation of this Operation Policy, Article 2
Using images that derogate a specific country, race, religion, gender, or physically and/or mentally impaired
Using images that exist solely to expose, exploit, or defame the personal information of others
Warning 3 days 7 days 15 days Permanently banned from Service use
Names or images changed forcefully
Actions disrupting game operations, game service, and/or gameplay experience Posting or promoting unofficial websites or games, intentionally distracting other users’ gameplay by repeatedly posting irrelevant, unapproved game content 3 days 30 days Permanently banned from Service use
Intentionally disrupting or interfering with NDREAM game service and/or operations
An attempt to obtain unauthorized gain by causing confusion and/or disturbing others by way of distributing false information or disclosing confidential information (In such a case, NDREAM will reconcile all illicitly obtained in-game content.)
Fraud Any acts of fraud including misleading other users to obtain unlawful gain and/or cause disruption to other users (In such case, NDREAM will reconcile all in-game content obtained from this act) 7 days 30 days Permanently banned from Service use
Any gain through which the aforementioned fraudulent methods cannot be reconciled Permanently banned from Service use
Attempt to manipulate system errors(bugs) and abnormal gameplay Where system errors (bugs) or abnormal gameplay have been carried out, insignificantly impacting the game. (In such case, NDREAM will reconcile all illicitly acquired in-game content) Temporary suspension 3 days 7 days 15 days Permanently banned from Service use
Exploitation of a system error (bug), sharing any bug with the community, and/or repeatedly and/or abusing the aforementioned bug for profit, causing a significant impact on the game. (In such case, NDREAM will reconcile all illicitly acquired in-game content) 7 days 15 days Permanently banned from Service use
Where reconciliation of illicitly obtained game content is impossible (Due to abuse of exploit and/or abnormal gameplay) Permanently banned from Service use
Cash transaction; commercial advertisement, Account Selling, Trading, or other Unapproved Sales An attempt to facilitate and/or engage in an unauthorized transaction in exchange for in-game content (items and/or currency, etc.) with cash or tangible goods. Warning 3 days 7 days 30 days Permanently banned from Service use
An attempt to facilitate and/or engage in an unauthorized exchange of game accounts with cash or tangible goods
Executing or facilitating the exchange of game accounts and/or engaging in an unauthorized exchange of in-game content (items, currency, etc.) with cash or tangible goods. 7 days 30 days Permanently banned from Service use
Using in-game communication to promote any commercial activities unrelated to the game 30 days Permanently banned from Service use
Security system validation Security system validation (i.e., CAPTCHA, etc.) verified use of unauthorized programs or use of abnormal gameplay 7 days 30 days Permanently banned from Service use
Use or distribution of illegal program Use of programs unauthorized by NDREAM: Abnormal manipulation or program use or distribution (In such case, NDREAM will reconcile all in-game content.) 100 days Permanently banned from Service use
Where the use and/or distribution of aforementioned illegal applications/programs has been confirmed and the improperly acquired in-game content cannot be reconciled Permanently banned from Service use
Using multiple accounts and/or illegitimate gameplay access methods Creating multiple avatars/ Admirals/ Captains/ Commanders/ etc. This includes any similar, continuous, or randomly generated nicknames. Unauthorized bots or play that executes systematic gameplay which harms the intended gaming environment and content

If multiple accounts (and characters) access the game from the same device or same network/IP/location, or attempt to intentionally bypass access restrictions

Use of unauthorized bots, scripts or programs that execute systematic gameplay that harms the intended gaming environment or to gain in-game content illegitimately. This includes any actions that are excessive

Creating an excessive number of accounts (and characters) with the intent to funnel in-game resources, currency, or content

Causing abnormalities and/or negatively impacting gameplay environment of other users by logging in and out from multiple accounts (characters) from the same or similar networks

Utilizing means that cause network stability issues and/or negatively impacting the gameplay environment by creating excessive numbers of accounts (and/or characters) and/or accessing illegitimate accounts

Permanently banned from Service use
Accessing accounts and/or payment methods that do not belong to you Unauthorized use and/or disclosure of account and/or personal information (such as name, address, workplace, phone number, IP, etc.) and/or payment-related information of others Permanently banned from Service use
Unauthorized obtainment of benefits through unapproved access of other users’ accounts, whether collaboratively or otherwise
Unauthorized access of an account which results in mental/physical harm
Disclosure of real world, personal information, or information of other users
Unauthorized use of payment methods (such as credit card, mobile carrier payment, or ARS) to make unauthorized transactions for the game service and/or in-game content
Criminal act Attempts to engage in any illicit activity, behavior, aggravated or otherwise Permanently banned from Service use
Abuse of any service associated with or provided by NDREAM or any App Marketplace Unauthorized use or benefit of any services provided by NDREAM including: Any App Marketplace, mobile storefronts, payment provisions, account access, gameplay, payments, and/or chargebacks (Where reconciliation is possible) Banned from Service use until reconciliation has been completed
Unauthorized use or benefit of any services provided by NDREAM including: Any App Marketplace, mobile storefronts, payment provisions, account access, gameplay, payments, and/or chargebacks (Where reconciliation is not possible) Permanently banned from Service use
Distribution or disclosure of unauthorized abuse methodologies, negatively impacting NDREAM services and/or any App Marketplace services through the game or the official community 100 days Permanently banned from Service use
※ Corrective action applied and respective time frames may differ, depending on the level of offense and frequency of the violation.
※ A “warning” may be distributed in various forms including: In-game mail, a direct message, chat suspension, forced game removal, etc. Account actions take effect whether the offender has recognized the warning or not.
※ Corrective action will apply to repeated offenses.
※ Any actions or behaviors that violate local law (i.e., illegal programs, use of another user’s account (or ID), and disclosure of another user’s personal information, etc.) are subject to immediate and permanent account suspension and punishable by law.
※ Illicitly obtained content (e.g. in-game items, currency, and/or experience) acquired through abuse such as exploitation, bug manipulation and/or abnormal play will be reconciled by NDREAM, and/or reconciled in the form of other in-game items with the equivalent value.
※ All in-game content obtained through the misuse of JOYICITY services or App Marketplace services will be reconciled or deleted. If reconciliation is unavailable due to relocation or loss of the corresponding content/items, the character will be deleted, or game data will be rolled back.
※ Any illicit abuse of services provided by NDREAM or otherwise (including App Marketplace sources) is punishable by law.
※ Users found to be in violation of NDREAM policies will be excluded from all contests and/or events.
※ Compensation for any content, rewards, event items, and/or purchased products (including time-limited items) will not be provided due to corrective action being applied; this also applies to loss of content/time for the temporary suspension.
※ NDREAM is not liable for any outcome arising due to the inability to access the game during the Service use suspension period.

c. Please contact Customer Support or send an email to support@NDREAM.com to submit an official appeal regarding account access concerns and/or to inquire about the reason behind the limited access. Appeals must be made within 30 days of the application of access limitation. All data pertaining to the grounds of limited access will expire after the 30-day period.

Article 9 (Restoration)

a. NDREAM will strive to restore access promptly whenever an item or in-game currency is lost or altered due to a reason attributable to NDREAM or game anomaly. However, recovery is not possible if the item or in-game currency that the user reports as lost does not exist within the game and/or if NDREAM cannot find objective data.

b. NDREAM will not be liable for the loss of in-game content such as items and/or in-game currency caused by carelessness, misconduct, and/or negligence, including unfamiliarity with the relevant terms and conditions, this Operation Policy, or notices provided by the Company.

c. The following includes important guidelines for restoration requests. Please be fully aware of the following in order to successfully request restoration:
1. Falsified information provided with any restoration request will result in corrective action being applied
2. All restoration requests must originate from the registered account holder
3. All in-game content and currency restoration requests must be submitted within 7 days of occurrence. The information associated with the content restoration requested cannot be provided beyond the stated 7-day period and restoration will not take place
4. Recovery requests are processed in the order they are received

Article 10 (Inquiries and Concern Policy)

a. Please contact Customer Support or send an email to support@NDREAM.com to submit inquiries or complaints about NDREAM games. NDREAM will promptly respond in the order in which the submissions are received.

b. NDREAM will always value users’ opinions, keeping in mind that such input initiates further development and optimal services.

c. NDREAM will not become involved in disputes between users. However, if NDREAM confirms any violation of our terms occurs in said user dispute (such as violation of official terms, agreements, or policies provided by NDREAM), NDREAM will apply corrective action based on this Operation Policy. The Operation Policy is part of NDREAM’s effort to optimize user experience. All users are obligated to read and agree to this policy.

Article 11 (Personal Information)

a. Personal information and account security reside with the registered user. NDREAM will not recognize accountability where the dissemination of account information is voluntary (shared personal information). Users who willingly share their personal information, account ID, and/or make unauthorized exchanges and/or transactions will be personally responsible for any loss and the account in question will risk permanent suspension. (NDREAM is not obligated to provide any assistance.)

b. If a user attempts to engage in cash and/or similar transactions involving one’s account (ID), characters, currency, and/or items, the right to Service use shall be forfeited without notice, and NDREAM is not obligated to provide any assistance.

c. Users can better protect personal information by periodically changing the password for their accounts (ID).

d. Avoid becoming a victim of fraud by ensuring that under no circumstance, provision of account access is given to any user other than the registered account holder. NDREAM is not liable for any damages sustained from access provided by way of personal negligence.

Article 12 (Protection of Customer Service Personnel)

a. In order to protect the rights of Customer Support representatives and to facilitate a healthy environment, NDREAM can/will warn, end the inquiry process, and/or suspend access from gameplay.
Category Details Corrective Action Guidelines
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Corrective Action Guidelines Violent language (swearing, blackmail, insulting), sexual harassment (perceived or otherwise), expressions and/or actions that cause fear/ uneasiness during the process of inquiry Warning and stop of inquiry 3 days 7 days 15 days 30 days
Repeat offense of previous Details
Using audio or video media that contains violent language (swearing, blackmail, insulting), sexual harassment, and/or any actions that cause fear/uneasiness during inquiry
Being disrespectful to NDREAM representatives or making any disparaging comments about a representatives’ physical, mental, or familial status
Repeatedly submitting inquiries regarding the same topic, distracting support workflow
Distracting the work process by submitting inquiries that are not game related
※ Inquiry refers to all types including ‘1:1 Inquiry, phone calls, in-person meetings’.
※ Inquiries that do not violate the Operating Policies will be processed.
※ If violent language (swearing, blackmail, insulting), sexual harassment, and/or any actions that cause fear/uneasiness take place from multiple accounts with the same IP or device, these actions can be assumed to be from the same person and an appropriate measure will take place.

b. If a NDREAM Customer Service representative is subjected to harassment of any kind, communication regarding the inquiry will end without any warning, penalties will be applied to the account, and/or will suspend the account.


This privacy policy will take effect on February 13, 2023.